LEGO Classic 1x2 Lighted Display Night Light with Ninjago Recruitment Set

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It's never too early to begin Ninja training! This awesome LEGO Lighted Display comes with the authentic LEGO Ninja workout minibuild complete with Lloyd minifigure. Display measures approximately 165mm L x 76mm W x 152mm H (6.5"L x 3"W x 6"H) and is a 1000% replica of a LEGO 1x2 brick. Inside the front faced opening, you will find full color ninja scenery. The ideal setting for mastering the art of spinjitzu or to display a small MOC (my own creation). Featuring a touch sensor on the front, simply press for 3 seconds to activate the stay on feature. Color changing LED lights create a soothing soft glow to light up your display. The 15 minute auto-off timer makes this display the ideal night light for any bedside table and saves battery power.