LEGO Hot Dog Man 175% Scale Minifigure LED Keychain Light

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Officially licensed LEGO Hot Dog Man LED Key Chain Flashlight is small enough to ride inconspicuously on your key ring, backpack and more! The LEGO Hot Dog Man minifigure's feet light up with LED lights! Pose-able arms and legs allow your LEGO minifigure to act out Hot Dog Man poses, and direct the light right where you need it to be! An iconic character, LEGO Hot Dog Man LED Key Chain Flashlight makes is perfect for any LEGO fan! Metal key chain ring and 2 long lasting CR2025 lithium batteries included. Measures: 3 1/2" Ages 6+ Can you guess what the Hot Dog Man’s favorite food is in the entire world? That’s right – it’s hot dogs! He loves hot dogs so much that he’s made his very own hot dog outfit so he can travel around reminding people just how tasty hot dogs are. If it’s a sunny summer day at the park, the ball game, the movies or the zoo, that’s where you’ll find the Hot Dog Man dancing and singing about the wonders of cooked sausages in a bun. His greatest dream is to one day find out exactly how hot dogs are made. Best of luck, Hot Dog Man!