LEGO Stationery set with Minifigure

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The LEGO Stationery set is the perfect combination to unleash your creativity. This set includes 4 graphite pencils, 1 pencil topper, 1 disc eraser, 1 pencil sharpener and a classic LEGO minifigure. The high quality No2 graphite pencil is FSC certified and sharpens effortlessly. The disc eraser measures approximately 1.9" x .45" and comes with a round 2x2 LEGO brick to clutch to the pencil topper or sharpener. The pencil sharpener measures approximately .6" x 1.3" x .75" and has a 2x4 LEGO plate permanently glued to the bottom. The unique pencil topper has a 2x2 LEGO plate permanently glued to a c clip that attaches securely to the pencil. Perfect for clutching the minifigure or other Stationery components. All LEGO elements are authentic, imported from Denmark and fit the LEGO system so you can incorporate them into your builds. Perfect for school, office or home!